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FAQ – Frequent questions about Spanish vehicle checks

Problems after creating an account and processing payment?

In some cases that are out of our power such as the DGT (Traffic department) being offline at the moment of requesting your report, the system will inform you that it was not possible to obtain your report due to technical problems, in this case your card is instantly refunded and we kindly request you to try again later on. If after another attempt you are still having problems please contact us and describe your problem HERE so we can give you a solution.

Problems opening or downloading the PDF report?

If you have had problems downloading a report after the checkout on our website this could be due to many different reasons, one of the main reason is that you don't have a PDF viewer on your device, as a tip we can give you is to try and LOGIN to your user panel with a browser such as Google Chrome Browser that has an integrated PDF viewer and attempt to download or open the document there. If all fails, please do contact us by sending us a message by clicking here HERE

We provide a "REDUCED CHECK" for FREE when ordering a "COMPLETE CHECK"

What do you get?:
  • Official Original DGT (Traffic department) COMPLETE report in Spanish.
  • Translation to English of the DGT COMPLETE CHECK report.
  • REDUCED CHECK report in English with technical vehicle information, administative status and number of owners. This REDUCED CHECK report doesn't disclose current owners information such as Name Surname and exact address, this report is ideal if you would like to show someone the administrative status of a vehicle but not disclose the personal data.

Change of ownership checklist

Before changing ownership of a vehicle in Spain, it must be verified that given vehicle is transferable and that all documents are in order, we have a complete article dedicated to change of ownership: click HERE to see full article.

What is an Embargo?

Embargo / Embargoe An embargo is a maker or indicator of debt on an asset, in this case a vehicle, it can be put in place by the by a court, Spanish Social Security system, Tax Agency SUMA, Town hall, Traffic authorities and other official agencies. The result of an unresolved embargo could result in the seizure of the vehicle in question. click HERE for more information about an embargo.

What is a “Precinto” Precinct / Seizure?

The function of the Precinto (Seizure) of a vehicle is to prevent its legitimate owner from accessing or using the asset. click HERE for more information about a Precinto / Seizure.

What is "IMPAGO IVTM" (Impuestos sobre Vehículos de Tración Mecanica)?

IMPAGO IVTM Impago IVTM means that at least the last years Road TAX has not been paid. In the event of non-payment and the DGT (Traffic department) has been notified, the vehicle cannot be transferred to a new owner. If there is a prolonged period of non-payments an embargo annotation on the vehicle is very probable or almost certain. click HERE for more information about Road Tax in Spain.

What is "Reserva de dominio"?

RESERVA DE DOMINIO A “Reserva de dominio” means there is a reserve clause on a vehicle put in place by the bank or the finance company that financed your asset, in this case a vehicle. click HERE for more information about Reserva de dominio.

PENDIENTE IMPRESION CTIT means that the vehicle is pending ownership change

The DGT traffic department is currently in the process of changing the ownership of the vehicle and is pending printing and sending the new owners paperwork, at this point the vehicle can't be changed name again or given BAJA (SORN) until the initial process has completed, can take up to 15 days or more to complete.
Vehículo con denegatoria

"Vehículo con denegatoria" means that the vehicle has some restrictions

If a Denial Incidence "Vehículo con denegatoria" appears, you must consult the "Cargas o gravámenes" or "Denegatorias" section in the report if they exist. In some cases this message appears if the vehicle is in the process of change of name, if it's the case it will be indicated on the report with the words "PENDIENTE IMPRESION CTIT" in the "DENEGATORIA" section if it exists. If there is no apparent reason stated within the report you must consult with the closest DGT Traffic department office or Gestoria in your area. It may mean that the vehicle has some restrictions to correct before being able to sell or carry out any other procedure on the vehicle.
Vehículo con cargas o gravamenes

"Vehículo con cargas o gravámenes" means there are one of the following issues:

  • Embargo: (More info here).
  • Reserva de Dominio or Reserva: (More info here).
  • Renting: Indicates the existence of a lease under which a person uses a vehicle owned by the lessor. Once the lease term is over, the vehicle must be returned to the leasing entity.
  • Precinto: It indicates that a judicial or administrative authority has requested that the circulation of the vehicle be prevented as well as its immobilization. (More info here).
  • Leasing: Indicates that, through a lease with the option to purchase a vehicle, the lessee can acquire ownership of the vehicle by paying monthly fees. Once all the instalments have been paid, the lessee acquires the ownership of the vehicle and must request from the financial institution the necessary documentation to cancel the lease in the competent Property Registry "Registro de Bienes Muebles". The lease clause prevents the transfer of the vehicle until it is cancelled.
  • Hipoteca Mobiliaria: Indicates that the vehicle is encumbered with a charge in guarantee of the payment of a loan. If the credit is cancelled, the creditor must request the necessary documentation to also cancel the mortgage in the competent Property Registry "Registro de Bienes Muebles".
  • Exento impuesto

    "EXENTO IMPUESTO" means registration TAX EXEMPTION

    In some cases a person or an entity can request an exemption on registration tax for one of many reasons such as new company vehicles, people with disabilities, vehicle importation for change of residence, and more. The tax exemption clause will not allow you to change ownership unless the tax has been paid or in some cases you will be able if a certain time has transpired. The main reason for this clause is to avoid entities or individuals taking advantage of the system.
    No puede circular

    "Este vehículo no puede circular" (the vehicle cannot be driven on the public road)

    This indicator can be for one of many reasons such as a temporary BAJA (SORN), definitive BAJA (SORN), a Precinto "vehicle seizure clause" or any other reason that the government or traffic department may have so that the should not be driven on the road. In many cases you will find inside the report the information. A common example is if a person or entity has handed over a vehicle to a car dealership, the DGT will be notified "notificación de venta" and in many cases a BAJA temporal is applied (temporary SORN) until a buyer is declared for the vehicle in question, in this case the words "ENTREGADO A COMPRAVENTA" (handed over to dealer) will be displayed. A dealership can drive this vehicle on public roads with RED temporary plates "placas rojas".

    ITV fault codes defined by the ITV stations

    We have a complete page (CLICK HERE) dedicated to explaining ITV fault codes ant their meanings.

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