What is a “Reserva de dominio”?

A “Reserva de dominio” means there is a reserve clause on a vehicle put in place by the bank or the finance company that financed your asset, in this case a vehicle.

Vehicle with reserva de dominio - cargas o gravamenes

This clause is in force until we complete the payment of the asset that we have acquired through financing and be careful about this because it is the only guarantee that the financial company has that you will pay the acquired debt and that if you do not do so, you not will no longer have rights to the financed asset, which is the car, motorcycle or other vehicle that you acquire.


Can I buy or sell a car with a “Reserva de dominio”?

It is NOT POSSIBLE to transfer a vehicle if it has this clause in place, the best way to describe the situation is that the bank or finance company is the legal owner of the vehicle.


How can I remove a “Reserva de dominio”?

This clause can be removed from any vehicle by ordering a “Carta de pago” to the finance company or bank, a “Carta de pago” is a letter you request and has the latest amount pending to the bank or finance company and will indicate a limit of certain days to do this payment. Once the payment has been completed and acknowledged you will be able to request a removal of the “Reserva de dominio” from your vehicle.


I have already finished paying my vehicle!

In some cases, even after completing all payments the finance company have not removed the “Reserva de dominio” from a vehicle, in this case it’s as simple as going through the same procedure as requesting “Carta de pago” and just asking the bank or finance company to remove this clause when they realise there is no more payments pending, the amount of time the DGT acknowledges this varies from a few days to some cases taking weeks.