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ITV reports code meanings - Complete list of ITV (vehicle technical inspection) report fault codes and meanings

When we take our vehicle to pass the ITV (vehicle technical inspection) we can obtain 3 qualifications:

  • NEGATIVA (Defects found and the vehicle cannot be driven. It must be towed.)
  • DESFAVORABLE (Defects found but vehicle can be driven)
  • FAVORABLE (All OK, ITV has been passed successfuly)
ITV codes meanings

Each of the defects or faults is identified by two digit code separated by a period and another two digit code: (00.00). The first two digits indicate the type of defect (ranging from 1 to 10):

On the other hand, the following two digits indicate the detail or reason for the defect, which will always be related to its group. For example, a fault code of 04.03 would be related to Indicator lights (turn signals) not working correctly or as expected.

Within each code there is a level of seriousness that have 3 qualifications:

  • LEVE (Mild)
  • GRAVE (Serious)
  • MUY GRAVE (Very serious)

Below you can consult the list of ITV fault codes and their level of severity.

Type of defect Code Reason for the defect
(01) Vehicle identification 01.01 Documentation
01.02 VIN Number
01.03 Number plates
(02) Exterior condition, bodywork and chassis 02.01 Front underride
02.02 Body and chassis
02.03 Coupling devices (Towbar)
02.04 Mudguards and anti-spray devices
02.05 Windshield wipers and washers
02.06 Side protections
02.07 Rear protections
02.08 Doors and steps
02.09 Mirrors
02.10 Signs on vehicles
02.11 Outer spare wheel carrier
02.12 Safety glass
(03) Interior condition 03.01 Seats and their anchors
03.02 Safety belts and their anchorages
03.03 Child restraint device
03.04 Anti-frost and anti-fog
03.05 Anti-theft and alarm
03.06 Direct field of vision
03.07 Load retention devices
03.08 Speed indicator (Odometer)
03.09 Internal protrusions
(04) Lighting and signalling 04.01 Low beam and high beam
04.02 Reversing lights
04.03 Indicator lights (turn signals)
04.04 Emergency Signal
04.05 Brake lights
04.06 Rear license plate light
04.07 Side lights
04.08 Fog lights
04.09 Clearance light
04.10 Retro-reflectors
04.11 Indoor lighting
04.12 Acoustic warning
04.13 Parking light
04.14 Door opening signaling
04.15 Specific light signaling
(05) Polluting emissions and noise 05.01 Noise
05.02 Spark ignition engine vehicles
05.03 Vehicles with compression ignition engine
(06) Brakes 06.01 Service brake
06.02 Secondary (emergency) brake
06.03 Parking break (Hand break)
06.04 Overrun brake
06.05 Anti-lock device
06.06 Deceleration device
06.07 Brake device pedal
06.08 Vacuum pump or compressor and tanks
06.09 Low pressure indicator
06.10 Handbrake regulating valve
06.11 Braking valves
06.12 Accumulator or pressure tank
06.13 Trailer Brake Attachment
06.14 Brake booster. Master cylinder (hydraulic systems)
06.15 Rigid tubes
06.16 Flexible tubes
06.17 Linings
06.18 Drums and/or disks
06.19 Cables, rods, levers, connections
06.20 Brake system cylinders
06.21 Load sensing valve
06.22 Automatic slack adjusters
(07) Steering and direction 07.01 Wheels deviation
07.02 Steering wheel and column
07.03 Steering box
07.04 Steering wheel and ball joints
07.05 Power steering
(08) Axles, wheels, tires and suspension 08.01 Axels
08.02 Wheels
08.03 Tires
08.04 Suspension
(09) Engine and transmission 09.01 General condition of the engine
09.02 Admision system
09.03 Exhaust system
09.04 Transmission
09.05 Vehicles that use gas (LPG) as fuel
(10) Other 10.01 Transport of dangerous goods
10.02 Transport of perishable goods
10.03 School and minor transportation
10.04 Tachograph
10.05 Speed ​​limiter
10.06 Unauthorized reforms or modifications

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