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    The peace of mind that only an official government "Informe DGT" can provide you when buying or selling a vehicle in Spain.

    VehicleCheck.es is a private company offering official data provided by the DGT Spain traffic department:
    DGT - Dirección general de tráfico

We have access to official DGT data for any vehicle registered in Spain, we provide official documents produced by government and also translations to English so you can easily understand what the situation is with any vehicle you are planning to buy or sell.

Why do an official vehicle check?

Save yourself the hassle from any hidden issues...

Each report contains exclusive information about the vehicle in question.

Find out about unpaid taxes, vehicle seizure, embargo, valid ITV, KM "mileage" readings from the ITV stations, see if the car is currently insured and get details of current ownership.


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About the reports we provide

At VehicleCheck.es we provide you the most up to date reports from the official DGT (Spanish traffic department) sources thanks to our direct virtual window, this means that we are able to provide you instantly an official vehicle report and also a translation to English in a matter of minutes.

Technical information
Technical information
Ownership details
Ownership details
Vehicle identification
Vehicle identification
ITV (MOT) history
ITV (MOT) history
Odometer readings from ITV
Odometer readings from ITV
Information on Compulsory Insurance
Compulsory Insurance
Administrative history (bajas)
Administrative history (bajas)
Change of name denial
Change of name denial
The facts

Risk involved in purchasing a used vehicle in Spain?

A high percentage of vehicles in Spain have a hidden history, many of these vehicles have been financed and are still legally owned by the bank or finance companies, another important risk is the amount of vehicles that present discrepancies in the km (mileage) readings.

have a hidden history
outstanding finance or taxes
inconsistent KM (mileage)

Order a Spanish vehicle check now in a matter of minutes to see if a vehicle has any hidden issues.

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We provide up to date spanish vehicle reports informing of the actual administrative situation and many other aspects that can affect the value or even .

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